How to reduce debt with loan consolidation

At present, the most terrible financial problem we are facing- is debt. While taking loans or using credit cards in a useless way, we often piled up this debt burden.It can be happen with any one, may be with you,may be with me. But if we can think wisely & lead our life in a planned way, we can definitely overcome this situation very easily.

There are many debt solution available in the market, like - debt consolidation, debt settlement etc. If you have multiple loans, debt consolidation is the right way for you. By this way you can save from your payments as well as avoid penalties.

Penalties are added with your payment when you fail to pay your monthly payments against your bills or loan. It will get bigger if this happens in every month & you might have to pay 4/5 times each month. So, if you want to avoid this , first make your payments in time .


Eligibility to student loans

student loan
Accessing student loans has been made easy by the lending firms who have currently offered to extend financial aid to needy students regardless of them or their parents being in possession of bad credit loans. Initially, having a bad credit history would affect a person negatively to the state where there would not be any lending firm willing to extend its funds to the person. This has changed with the changing times as almost every person is in debts. This therefore does not mean that every other person can access student loans just like that.

Depending on the providers of the student loans, there are a number of things that are considered before the loan is extended. The basic thing that cut across all the financial providers is that for one to be eligible for a student loan, he must be a full time student in any recognized institution. This is done to help avoid situations of lending money to people who are not in any way students. Another thing is the demonstration by the applicant that he really is in a financial need and therefore requires the loan this is regardless of having pre-existing bad credit scores. This is also a factor that most lending firms would want to get from the applicant as some use it to determine the repayment period.

student loan

Other countries insist that, if you are applying for a student loan especially from the government, then there has to be proof that the applicant is a citizen of that particular country or if not a citizen then he should be residing in the country permanently. This is done to avoid lending money to foreigners at the expense of assisting own citizens.

These conditions vary when it comes to private lenders, they more often demand for a consigner or collateral from the applicant to stand in especially if the applicant has a bad credit history. Additionally a thorough analysis of the applicant’s financial records is done to determine whether he has bad credit ratings which are likely to hinder his accessing the loan. Eligibility to student loans as said earlier varies depending on the provider of the loan; therefore wise decisions have to be made on where to get the loans under better terms.

Why do you need a loss assessor?

Loss Assessors, Claims Recovery And Claim Management

If you run a business - small or large - then theft can be a worry. Most businesses assume that because they are insured they have nothing to worry about. But if you are the victim of large scale burglary you could potentially lose a large portion of you stock and rely on your insurance company to compensate you completely for your losses you could put your business in peril.

Why you shouldn't rely on your insurance company

Whenever a business puts in for a large theft insurance claim a loss adjuster will be appointed by the insurance company to ensure that the claim goes through correctly. It is, however, important to remember that the insurance company is a business like any other and needs to make money. With this in mind the loss adjuster will essentially pick through your claim with a vigorous attention to detail - trying to adjust the payment down. In addition to this you will be expected to deal with the insurance claim yourself - whilst this is all within the confines of the law, it seems like the balance may be swayed a little in the favour of the insurance company. So what can you do about it?

Appoint a loss assessor

Whilst the loss adjuster will be working with the insurance companies needs in mind - the insurance loss assessor on the other hand will be working directly for you (a lot of the time on a no win no fee basis) so they will trying to get the best possible financial outcome for you and your business. They will also bring to the table years of experience and knowledge that you would never have been able to contribute as the owner of the business.

Your insurance loss assessor will ensure that the playing field is levelled out and you should receive a more comprehensive claim with their input. You owe it to your business to help it move into the future following a burglary at your premises.

Your insurance loss assessor will be able to:

Check with your insures the level of your theft insurance
Complete all the necessary paperwork in relation to your theft insurance claim
Negotiate on your behalf
Advise on the most appropriate type of settlement

Author : Wayne Barker works for Harris Balcombe, the premier insurance loss assessors in the UK. They specialise in all types of business interruption insurance claims

Forex transfer and Money transfer

Whether you have decided to emigrate from South Africa and would like to send funds overseas, or buy goods from overseas , the question is – how to pay for these goods and how best to send money overseas that will benefit both you and your pocket. Paying for a bond every month, overseas, can prove to be both expensive and time-consuming if done through the regular banking institutions.

Many of us need to send monies or pay for services or goods overseas at some time or another, and going through the usual banking houses is not always the most prudent route to take. So why not save yourself the trouble and send your hard-earned cash via money transfer or use an agent who can make forex transfers on your behalf?

So many of us have relatives and loved ones that live abroad, that transferring money, cheaply and easily, has become a necessity for so many South Africans. You need not run a huge conglomerate to utilize this service; private individuals can also benefit from this service.

The best option would be to find a reliable and efficient company that can help you to do money transfers overseas or forex transfers. Your forex agent will be able to secure a better rate of exchange than a large bank, resulting in more for your money.

Variations in the rate of exchange can change alarmingly, even within a 24 hour period, so best to protect yourself and your business against these unforeseen circumstances. A small variation in the rate of exchange can be truly costly to your business, so best to put good systems in place that will protect you.

Arranging a contract in advance is one way to secure your money transfer against rate movement. In this agreement you would be able to buy and/or sell a set amount of foreign currency at a specific rate before a certain date, securing your profit margins against loss of funds should the rates shift, guaranteeing the rates when performing a foreign exchange transaction in the future. This way you would be able to secure your business transactions abroad when transferring monies.

This method of transferring money abroad can save you thousands of Rands in the long term.

By using the business money transfer comparison site on the web you can start as soon as today by saving money when using forex or foreign exchange.

Financial tips 2011

Hello friends & my beloved readers , yet another great year have been passed with different ups and downs in our financial life. I know many of you had tackled the situation very sportingly , whether it was good or worse. But this year you have to plan some small things that might help you to live a proper financial in the coming years. So, let me point out some essential steps which you may be find useful this new year to secure your future.

a) personal statement of finance - We all know how we income & how we are spending that money, but it it is really important to know exactly how much we are spending at a time..does it really fits our average day income? Basically if we earn 10$ on an daily average, & practically spending 12$ a is clear that we will be in a debt very soon & nothing will be saved for our future expenses.
So, what we can do, make a statement for our daily income & expenses, calculate every day spending & surplus at the end of that day. By this way you can verify where your financial condition stands in every moth.

b) Spending habits - As I said earlier, you have to control your spending habits this year. Try to budget & grip up daily expenditures a bit. Minimize your credit card usage & buy only required commodities at least till 1st half of every month. The less you spend, the more you save.

c) Get a right financial advisor - Everyone will be not be always aware of what happens in regular finance industries. In this case, we need a specialist who can guide us in a proper way how to use our saved finances to get a good return. So, choose a right financial advisor who can help you out to select the best investment for your money which will be most suitable for you.

d) Right investment - Financial advisors can only give you specialized suggestions where to invest, it is your duty to follow there informations & select the best opportunity available in the market. The investment may be long term or short term , basically long term investments will give you much great amount of return than short ones. What ever you decide, first consult with your financial advisor & then select.

The above given tips are solely personal view, I hope those tips will be useful for all my visitors.

Have a happy & prosperous new year :)